Holding Reckless Drivers Responsible

Motor vehicles, while among the most widespread and economically beneficial luxuries of modern life, can cause serious damage if not operated properly. A split-second auto accident can cause permanent injury, personality change, or wrongful death. With a bigger vehicle, such as a semi truck, an accident poses an even higher risk. Sean M. Burke is an experienced auto accident attorney based in Irvine and serving all of Southern California. As both an auto and semi truck accident lawyer, Sean can help victims of all types of motor vehicle collisions obtain the compensation they deserve.

  • Auto Accidents
  • Semi Truck Accidents
  • Pedestrian, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Accidents
  • Defective Seatbelts
  • Defective Child Restraints

Auto Accidents

Unfortunately, careless drivers are everywhere. Whether they're talking on cell phones, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or drifting to sleep behind the wheel, with one mistake they can cause an auto accident and change your life forever. The injuries caused can range from broken bones to serious brain and spinal cord injury; as a result, accident victims often face medical bills and excruciating pain. Auto accident attorneys of Burke Argos in Irvine can use their extensive expertise to help obtain compensation for these injuries.

Auto Collisions

A motor vehicle accident lawyer with our Orange County firm can help you secure the compensation you deserve if you have been in a collision.

Victims may be entitled to compensation for several types of damage. The first, and often most pressing, is restitution for any medical bills incurred during treatment for injuries caused by the auto accident. In serious cases, these charges can be quite large, and those without medical insurance of their own are often unable to afford them. Lost wages can also be recovered if the injuries caused the victim to miss time from work. In addition, pain and suffering damages may be awarded to compensate the victim for physical and emotional distress. Long-term effects of the accident may be covered by disability damages, and loss of property (such as the victim's vehicle) can also warrant restitution. Should a victim in an auto accident die, the surviving relatives may be able to secure wrongful death damages in return. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a collision caused by someone else, contact Sean M. Burke, a skilled auto accident attorney in Newport Beach.

Semi Truck Accidents

A semi truck accident is, with respect to a victim's lawsuit, somewhat different from a typical auto accident. In a normal auto accident, the driver at fault is often the only party legally liable for damages; if this driver is uninsured, or if damages exceed his or her insurance policy's limits, the victim may have no means of acquiring just compensation. When a semi truck is involved in the accident, though, other entities may be held responsible for the collision. Many semi trucks are owned and operated by large companies for whom the drivers work as employees. If these companies fail to hire safe, competent people to operate their trucks, they may be considered at fault in any accidents caused by their workers. Good legal representation is crucial in the trying to bring those responsible to account, and California semi truck accident lawyer Sean M. Burke can help.

Semi Collisions

If you have suffered because of a semi collision, a truck accident lawyer with our Orange County firm can provide you with aggressive representation.

An important legal concept in semi truck accident litigation is “joint and several liability.” In a nutshell, this doctrine ensures that victims receive compensation for economic damages from someone responsible, regardless of whether the guilty parties can each pay their share. Thus, if the driver in a semi truck accident is deemed most at fault, but is very poor, and his employer is deemed only partially at fault, but has more money, the employer will have to cover whatever damages the driver cannot. After the fact, the employer can seek restitution from the driver via separate legal action that does not involve the victim. This system (which does not apply to non-economic damages such as pain and suffering) ensures that victims of personal injury are compensated and not forced to suffer through endless legal battles involving every party responsible for their harms. Determining who is responsible and bringing them to court requires the expertise of a skilled attorney. Contact Southern California semi truck accident lawyer Sean M. Burke for help with your case today.

Pedestrian, Motorcycle, And Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists are extremely vulnerable to injury when involved in an auto or semi truck accident. Attorney Sean M. Burke is a skilled lawyer who understands the circumstances and tragic effects of these unfortunate incidents. The driver may be engaging in irresponsible behavior such as speeding, using drugs or alcohol, or disobeying other traffic regulations, leading to devastating consequences. Victims are often seriously injured, permanently disabled, and some do not survive. High medical bills often combine with emotional strain to cause intense suffering. Drivers have a responsibility to look out for those most vulnerable to accidents, and the legal system is set up to make sure victims suffer as little as possible.

Defective Seatbelts

Many statistics show that wearing a seatbelt can significantly lower the risk of injury during an auto or semi truck accident. Thus, almost all states require drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts. A malfunctioning seatbelt, then, is one of the most dangerous types of common defective products. When a seatbelt fails to serve as a restraint during an auto accident and a person is injured or killed, the vehicle or seat belt manufacturer may be legally responsible and owe the victim compensation. The Southern California office of semi truck and auto accident lawyer Sean M. Burke, Attorney at Law, which is located in Newport Beach, can help secure that compensation.

Defective Child Restraints

It is a harsh reality that some of the child restraints used to protect our children are defective. Although they are required to undergo dynamic testing by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and are required to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213, many of these seats still do not meet safety standards. Inadequate lateral support, weak shell material, confusing instructions, and lack of torso restraint in these defective products are responsible for killing thousands of children each year. If your child has been injured due to a faulty restraint device, our auto and semi truck attorney, longtime personal injury lawyer Sean M. Burke, can help you recover compensation. And by holding car manufacturers responsible for their actions, you can also help prevent injuries from defective restraints in the future.

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